Reserve the Many Nations Longhouse

To reserve the Many Nations Longhouse (MNL), please contact Katie Staton, Longhouse Steward, by email at, phone at 541-346-6262, or by cell at 541-246-5727.

The steward is responsible for scheduling, maintenance, and appropriate use. Many Nations Longhouse protocols must be followed by all users. Native American events receive priority when reserving the longhouse.

Fee Schedule

The longhouse can be reserved for $50 per hour or $300 per day. MNL staff will provide set-up services prior to the scheduled event. Events scheduled 90 days in advance require a 50-percent non-refundable deposit.

Off-campus and non-Native American groups are subject to set-up and cleaning fees.

Longhouse Protocols and Codes of Conduct

  • Compliance with applicable university and MNL rules and state and local law is required.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted: intoxicated individuals are not permitted in the MNL.
  • Smoking is prohibited in accordance with OAR 571-050-0005.
  • The use of controlled substances is prohibited.
  • No swearing—use respectful language.
  • Exchange of money between parties is prohibited inside the MNL.
  • Audio recording and audiovisual and photographing may not be used without permission.
  • Use of candles is prohibited in the MNL.
  • All parties are responsible for all clean up duties after use of the MNL.